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Why SOV Corporation 

Being international makes us accessible to all our clients which helps us provide our asset management services as specialised and fast as possible to each of our locations. This also makes us take the extra mile to be more initiative and think outside the box to be able to be the most efficient while reaching out to you. Moreover, our expertise in Hospitality Industry as well as in Finance, in addition to lifelong experience in the field, is helping us to complete your work at your convenience and success

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SOV Corporation will help you achieve your goals!!

  • Identify your needs by evaluating your business, its strengths, weaknesses, assets and resources.

  • Create a business plan and detailed road map governing your business’ future growth.

  • Implement the changes needed.

  • Work with you to manage and process your growth.

  • Plan and execute your exit strategy and retirement.

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Comprehensive Support

We are a truly customer-centric organization because we focus on three core elements of organizational design:

A strategy that represents the overall commitment to develop solutions that solve a customer’s need and focus on their profitability and loyal customers.

We design a structure that incorporates customer segments, customer teams, and customer profit & loss.

Mental Model
We focus on convergent, instead of divergent thinking. Ask, “What combination of services suitable best for this customer?” instead of, “How much service can I offer to this customer?”

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How can we work together?

  • We provide advice that helps our clients to attain success.

  • We support existing companies based in Switzerland and globally to develop and expand.

  • We help start-up companies get established and expand into local and international markets.

  • We advise boards on corporate, governance, risk management, and investment strategies amongst other services.

  • We represent hotel owners, successfully handling asset management.

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Where can you find us?

SOV Corporation currently have office representatives in Switzerland, UK, UAE, KSA and we are also in the process of acquiring a global trusted partners network.

Competitive Prices.jpg

Competitive Prices

With globalization, the survival and success of many financial service firms mainly lies in the understanding and meeting the needs, desires and expectations of their customers.

SOV Corporation tends to prioritize its goals by shifting the focus from rate-setting and transaction-processing to becoming more customer-focused.

We are proud to provide a premium service with competitive pricing. We believe in offering value for money plus guarantee of client satisfaction

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